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images bearingless rotor hub bolts

The inner structural member also includes proximal bolt holes in its base portion, with pairs of corresponding proximal bolt holes being located opposite each other on the two lateral portions A-B. The upper and lower airfoil flanges 2728 are conceived as fairing means encompassing the removable fasteners 56said flexbeam head 20 and the control cuff 4. The multiblade rotor of claim 1, wherein the spar sections at their rotor hub ends comprise a cross-section adapted to afford an increasing resistance to bending in the flapping direction, said resistance increasing radially inwardly toward the respective mounting point, said spar sections being formed as loops. A separable junction arrangement provides a separable connection between said flexbeam head and said control cuff on one side and said root end of said airfoil blade on the other side. The airfoil blade, the flexbeam and the control cuff of the invention are separately fabricated and the flexbeam with the junction arrangement can be slit into the completed control cuff for simple and fast mounting.

  • Soft inplane bearingless helicopter rotor Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
  • USA Bearingless rotor for single and tandem helicopters Google Patents

  • This invention relates to bearingless rotor hubs to which the rotor blades of a. defined by the lugs 12, 14, into which are inserted blade attachment bolts 18, The mounting positions on the periphery of the rotor hub for connection of the and bearingless multiblade rotor are connected to a substantially rigid rotor hub by .

    The mounting bolts associated with each rotor blade are also situated in the. The new composite bearingless main rotor hub system had been developed and tested on the whirl . weight pocket in the attachment bolts to balance rotor.
    Intermeshing rotors have high stability and powerful lifting capability. The control horn 18 is connected to a control rod, not shown, for the cyclic and collective blade angle adjustment. It would be advantageous in rotor systems of this type to have, and it is an object of this invention to provide a structural member capable of establishing a virtual hinge offset in the range of two to four percent of the rotor radius.

    The centering block includes cylindrical bearings A-B, which rotate about the main body of the centering block and allow pitch adjustment of the blades. Some rotor hubs incorporate a flexible hub, which allows for blade bending flexing without the need for bearings or hinges.

    images bearingless rotor hub bolts
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    Symmetrical blades are very stable, which helps keep blade twisting and flight control loads to a minimum.

    Soft inplane bearingless helicopter rotor Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

    The fairing means 10 are formed respectively with circular segments 23 at the free ends of the upper and lower airfoil flanges 2728 of the root end 21 of said airfoil blade 2. Consequently, the rotor blades are held secured to the rotor hub even in the event of a bending break of the bolts due to the still remaining shearing resistance of the bolts. Flexing clevis arrangement bolted joint attachment for flexible rotor hub with high offset and high flapping. The outer blade shell is connected to inner structural member at distal connection point by fasteners, which may be bolts, extending from the top and bottom of the outer blade shell in a direction that is approximately perpendicular to the bolts that are located in centering block cylindrical bearing holes when the pitch of outer blade shell is not being adjusted.

    A helicopter main rotor or rotor system is the combination of several rotary wings (​rotor blades) Leonardo da Vinci designed a machine known as an "aerial screw" with a rotor based on a water screw.

    In a fully articulated rotor system, each rotor blade is attached to the rotor hub through a series of hinges that let the​.

    images bearingless rotor hub bolts

    A rotor for use in an aircraft includes an inner hub; and a plurality of blades Bearingless rotor designs may utilize a flexible structural member, commonly termed. Bolts in bolt holes connect the centering block to the inner structural.

    An aerodynamic blade attachment (1) for a bearingless rotor, particularly a main rotor, as a flexbeam at the inner end of the blade connected to the rotor head. Particularly according to the invention, the distances of each of the two bolts.
    It also allows an identical blade connection for all rotor blades, without the occurrence of a bothersome flow of force in the region of the rotor hub as a result of the effective loads and tilting moments.

    The blade attachment of claim 9, wherein the first bolt has a first diameter and the second bolt has a second diameter, the first diameter being different from the second diameter.

    A predecessor of sorts to this system existed in the form of Great Britain's Cierva W. These blade pitch variations are controlled by tilting, raising, or lowering the swash plate with the flight controls.

    Cross-beam helicopter rotor with readily replaceable snubber. This makes it easier for the pilot to maintain control of the aircraft.

    USA Bearingless rotor for single and tandem helicopters Google Patents

    images bearingless rotor hub bolts
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    Cambridge aerospace series, Click for automatic bibliography generation. Flexbeam unit for a hingeless or a hinge and bearingless multi-blade rotor of a rotary wing aircraft. The manner in which hub clamp plate 12 is secured to mast 11 is shown in the enlarged FIG.

    A blade attachment (1, 20) for a bearingless main rotor of a A separable junction arrangement between the flexbeam head (13), the The removable fasteners comprise a main bolt (7) and at least one supporting bolt (8).

    images bearingless rotor hub bolts

    Bearingless tail rotor for helicopters, December,Brogdon et al. /Rotor hubs, May,Fernandez, /Tie (b) a blade secured to each said blade bolt attachments. Concept The bearingless main rotor is in service on EC as a successor of the hingeless concept of The flexbeam is attached by 5 bolts at the rotor hub.
    The control cuff 4 is riveted at upper and lower mechanical connections 910 to an upper fork flange 11 and a lower fork flange 12 of a fork shaped head 13 of the flexbeam 3.

    The document U. ITMIA1 en.

    images bearingless rotor hub bolts

    Retrieved: 10 March USB1 en. Search Expert Search Quick Search. Said removable fasteners comprise at least two bolts being asymmetric with regard to said pitch axis of said airfoil blade, preferably a main bolt and at least one supporting bolt.

    images bearingless rotor hub bolts
    The spar sections are preferably made of a compound fiber material with the fibers extending unidirectionally in the longitudinal direction of the spar, whereby the material characteristics are optimally utilized.

    Further, in the untwisted state of the spar sections these spar sections assume a position in the center of the blade pitch adjusting region, whereby blade angle adjustments may be made symmetrically relative to said center with a uniform force requirement for said blade angle adjustment.

    This lesser moment is known as the control moment and is instrumental in maintaining attitudinal control and disposition of the aircraft.

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    In the late s, the making of helicopter rotor blades was a job that inspired John T. A pitch hornsuch as was shown in FIG. Thus, the blade angle may be adjusted about the longitudinal blade axis L.

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    1. The French naturalist Christian de Launoy constructed his rotor out of turkey feathers. Accessed: 12 October