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Afterwards, Kane would start attacking both indiscriminately after being a pawn in each of their plans. Christian counters this time with an inverted DDT. The team-up would quickly dissolve after the two tried to steal a three-count over Kane. He dares Show to walk out of the cage and fight him. Not to be outdone, Rhodes countered an Eddie Guerrero-like frog splash before ultimately falling victim to Christian's spear. Add to Want to watch this again later? YouTube Premium. The former Chain Gang leader would attempt to leave himself afterwards, only to be thwarted by his ginormous opponent.

  • No Way Out results WWE

  • Del Rio successfully pinned Kane to score a match against Sheamus at.

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    No Way Out () was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by the WWE promotion, which took place on June 17, at the Izod Center in Storylines between the characters played out on WWE's primary television programs, Raw and SmackDown. The main event of the pay-per-view involves. has complete No Way Out results for all of the exciting bouts on the pay-per-view card, including John Cena vs.​ Big Show, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs.​ Dolph Ziggler, and the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match.
    Vickie kisses Dolph good luck on the cheek.

    No Way Out results WWE

    Dolph retreats to the floor but comes right back in arguing with the referee. Cena leaps with a big shoulder that sends Show into the side of the cage. Show brings Cena back and chokeslams him for a close 2 count. Singles match [10].

    Great effort…Thanku John Cena.

    He then announced that he will invoke his rematch clause soon.

    The crowd chants boring as Santino takes Ricardo from corner to corner. Marella won by stripping Rodriguez down to his underwear. Christian goes for a roll and Cody counters again. Ziggler argues and Sheamus rolls him up for a close 2 count. Streamed live on Jun 17,

    In one of the most harrowing bouts of his career, John Cena overcame the imposing Big Show in a Steel Cage Match at WWE's No Way Out, saving his own​. The WWE Championship Is Tripled Up As WWE Presents No Way Out.


    Referenced in WWE Raw: John Cena The Hero, McMahon Returns () See more». After a three year hiatus, WWE No Way Out is back and recharged!

    images no way out 2012 wwe main

    The annual pay-per-view that became notorious for its brutal, main event SteelCage Matches​.
    Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs. The two former independent circuit phenoms would focus on one-another once again as Kane and Punk would team up to deliver a flying clothesline before taking the big man out of the ring once again. Good ridence.

    images no way out 2012 wwe main

    Back and forth until Gabriel connects with a heel kick. Kane goes down and to the floor after a big kick to the face.

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    Ziggler almost gets dropped again and back to the floor he goes to regroup. Kidd gets dropped by Primo.

    Not to be outdone, Rhodes countered an Eddie Guerrero-like frog splash before ultimately falling victim to Christian's spear.

    Good ridence. Chokeslamming Punk, and nearly getting the win. Beth charges and Layla goes to the floor and runs back in the ring. Dolph Ziggler.

    Sunday night's steel cage clash between John Cena and Big Show has been wildly over-hyped and is not worthy of main event status at 's WWE No Way Out. WWE's No Way Out pay-per-view returned after a three-year hiatus in what turned Sheamus started out Smackdown's biggest match with an attempted Brogue.

    images no way out 2012 wwe main

    The WWE No Way Out pay-per-view opens up with a video package for tonight's steel cage main event with John Cena vs. Big Show.
    The next video is starting stop. Now I was actually there at no way out, someone tell me: on tv could you hear the ziggler chants and boos for sheamus? Sheamus launches himself over the top with a big shoulder for a 2 count.

    Bryan goes to the top but Punk stops him. Cena takes Cena to the corner and drops him with a huge chop to the chest. Back and forth until Gabriel connects with a heel kick. Cody misses the Disaster Kick again.

    No way out 2012 wwe main
    Just when it appeared the fans were in for another quick divas match, Layla would counter the Glam Slam followed by a timely cross-body off the second rope by the recently returned superstar.

    The former world heavyweight and WWE champion would have to turn his focus to Bryan after slowing down Punk, however, where the vegan superstar would take Kane out of the match for the time being.

    In what was otherwise a forgettable bout, Sin Cara would emerge victorious with his finisher as the blue and yellow lights shined down on him. Start a Wiki. McMahon then fired Laurinaitis and Cena attacked Laurinaitis with an Attitude Adjustment through an announce table as the event ended. Sign in.

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    1. Laurinaitis would soon book a steel cage match between Cena and Big Show for the pay-per-view, where both Cena and Laurinaitis's jobs were on the line. Kane puts Bryan on his shoulders.

    2. Young drops Primo with a big knees to the gut for the win and 1 contendership. Cody trips Christian and he falls face first on the apron and rolls out to the floor.

    3. Clay tries to fight back but Otunga beats him down. Triple H gets all angry and declares he wants to fight.